One Foot In, One Foot Out

(Or: how I learned to love short term car insurance)

We were coming back from a snowboarding expedition like we take every year. I and my best friend always use this time on the slopes to recharge our batteries, reconnect, and reinvigorate ourselves, and it never fails. Unfortunately this time, I also realigned my hipbone against its will.

I was taking a pass that I always take and wouldn't you know it, but the cutest little snow bunny crosses my path. I mean it - not a girl, but an actual snow bunny. It was so beautiful that I forgot that I was on a moving platform gliding down a slippery, downhill slope. Forgot, that is, until I ran over a jump that I was not in any way prepared for, landed on one leg with all of my weight on it, and collapsed just in time to see another skiier jump right on top of me.

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Things happen, but the real question was how we were going to drive back down the mountain. We had taken my car, which was a stick shift, the mountain streets were covered in slippery snow, the wind was kicking up, and my new snow tires made my truck especially difficult to handle. I couldn't drive. No one was there to help, the staff was about to close up the mountain and we both had to be at work the next day. My friend had to do it.

Did I mention that he did not know how to drive a stick shift, much less a stick shift in the snow with blizzard winds fogging up the windshield on snow tires?

That trip down the mountain really tested our friendship, in more ways than one. But we came through it, mostly because we trusted each other. When I gave directions, he followed them without a moment's hestitation. Awww. I know. But we're alive because of that squishy sentiment, so thank you very much, I will be a sap for the time being.

The hilarious thing happened after we got out of the car at the bottom of the mountain and my friend started to park the truck to go into the gas station convenience store. I started to open my door and slowly stuck my leg out when I was suddenly blindsided by a small car which was trying to pull past us. It twisted my leg and messed up my hip even more. But after the pain subsided, my only worry was how I was going to pay for the treatment that I would definitely need.

Turns out that my friend had taken out a short term car insurance policy for a family trip less than a month ago that had not run out yet. Because he was driving the car, and because I was still halfway in the car when the car hit me, it turns out that his insurance policy would cover all of my expenses. If I had been driving the car, if the car had been completely stopped, or if I had been outside of the car, I would have been in debt for many years to come. Crazy, huh, how temporary car insurance actually saved the day for us that day - and I would have never thought to buy it on any of my short term trips. I have done a complete 180 on that policy, by the way.


Copyright Amy and Flor Westphal 2007